A Victorian Tea Party would be the most exquisite of all. Everything in Victorian occasions was done sumptuously. So break out your grandmas china, silver, gem and serving pieces. The fancier the better. Obviously in the event that you have a really prized ownership that would make you extremely upset on the off chance that it was harmed, kindly don’t use for the gathering. Mishaps do occur! Before you prepare your home and set up your sustenance, you need to convey solicitations.

Welcome IDEAS

There are such a large number of alternatives here. With the present PC programs you can make some delightful ones at home. Tuck a real tea packs in the welcome. Maybe make some utilizing paper doilies and scrapbooking supplies.

Brightening and SERVING

You will need to make the house as beautiful as would be prudent. Crisp blooms are an unquestionable requirement, utilize them all over the place. I had a birthday tea toward the beginning of June and I put vases of peonies all over the place, they are delightful. Utilize customary vases, or tea kettles that never again have covers. Now and then you can discover then for a deal since they never again have a cover! Utilize candles the two decreases and scattered votives or tea lights. I utilize a portion of those extravagant molded Christmas light that are sold now in a wide range of shapes. I have some lovely heart ones and some bloom ones and even some dragonfly lights ( those are for the pixie casual get-together – see my page on pixie casual get-togethers) Play delicate music out of sight. There are even casual get-together music CD’s you can buy. For tablecloths attempt trim or damask. Dissipate silk flower petals on your table. Utilize genuine cloth or extravagant paper napkins. I discovered some monogrammed napkins at an antique store in California a year ago. They were economical I figure on the grounds that not very numerous individuals have an “O” monogram.

For Serving Pieces You Will Need At Least Some of the Following

Tea kettle Silver Or China

Sugar and Creamer

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Water Pitcher

Different Serving Trays

Tole Tray

China Serving Platters

Silver Serving Pieces

Precious stone Serving Pieces

Precious stone Plates

Precious stone Bowls


Platform Cake Plates

Porcelain or China Teacups

Pretty Plates(mix and match is OK)

Stick or Jelly Serving Jar

Demitasse or Fancy Spoons

You don’t have to spend a great deal of cash. You can locate some awesome deals at your neighborhood thrift stores, insect markets and classical shopping centers. Blend and Match is Definitely OK for teacups and saucers. Indeed, even befuddled sets are OK. Some I have been given as blessings, yet most are from home deals or thrift stores. I have no less than 24 blend and match glasses and saucers.

I adore the platform cake plates or the layered serving pieces. I have a few I acquired at the Salvation Army. I purchased a vintage Hobnail cake plate for $1. It has a repair on the platform part , yet I cover with suitable extravagant lace! Make certain you utilize heaps of scented candles, be inventive with your light holders. Utilize paper or tatted doily under or on your serving pieces.Be beyond any doubt you have a decent glass or precious stone available for water. Perhaps not the majority of your visitors drink tea.

To use for serving sugar or with teacups, or as take home gifts, make sure to see a portion of the demitasse spoons I offer. Aren’t they sweet! Attach them up to a tea sack with a little glossy silk strip and you host a dear tea gathering support. In the event that you can discover a few deals, give every visitor an extravagant teacup to bring home.