Everyone has been guilty of scrolling through Facebook and clicking on those random quizzes that pop up in your newsfeed. Companies like PlayBuzz made their company go viral because of quizzes like the ones on Facebook. There is an explanation for it, which will be discussed in this article.

Why Are Online Quizzes So Popular?

Taking an online quiz can be fun! The answers to questions like, “What is your favorite food?” and “How often do you exercise?” get compiled together into an algorithm that has multiple results. These results are different for every quiz, but usually it involves a guesstimation of the person taking the quiz.

Some quizzes boast that they can guess the quiz-takers age; others guess a zodiac sign, or a personality type. Quiz creators and takers alike have fun with online quizzes, regardless of the results involved. That is what makes them so popular!

How Can an Online Quiz Help a Company?

If a company is lucky, one of their online quizzes will go viral. “Going viral” is a phrase that basically means millions of people have seen something online, and that it has been shared with others, millions of times, across social media platforms.

Creating online quizzes gives people the ability to talk about themselves because it is something that most people enjoy doing. Taking quizzes that “prove” how smart they are, or how pretty they are, or even how young they seem, allows these quizzes to be easily shared with others.

Going Viral Takes Work

If a company wants to go viral, creating a quiz is a good way to do it, but it takes work. Researching what is popular, or “trending”, online is one key aspect to creating the perfect quiz. For example, a company that sells beauty products could make a quiz that has the title, “Which Products Should You Use to Look Like Ariana Grande? Take our quiz to find out!” Quizzes involving celebrities go viral easily, as celebrities are always trending.

Quizzes Are Easy Marketing

The best part of an online quiz is that it is easy, and sometimes free, marketing. There are dozens of quiz creators available for free online, so companies can easily set up a quiz without much effort.

Online quizzes are great!