There’s no doubt that you want your event to go off without a hitch. Since that is the case, you want to work with the best corporate event planning services San Francisco California can offer. We will help you take your dream of what your event should be to reality by helping you articulate what you are looking for and then coordinating all the details. We help your vision become reality when you partner with our experienced event planners. 

First, we help you locate the right venue. We offer a database of venues that we have relationships with to help you get the best one for your event. We will help you negotiate the price and coordinate a walkthrough before the event so that you can be sure it looks like you envisioned. Next, we settle on a cost, and we can arrange for payment either before or after the event. 

We begin planning a concert with our Artist Technical Rider. This document lays out all of the responsibilities we will see to in order to ensure the concert is successful. It includes many details, such as the length of the concert, complimentary tickets, security, transportation, billing, and more. We also handle catering, lights, sound, load in/out, and supervising the back line. We oversee each and every detail so that you can just relax and enjoy the event. 

We speak on a regular basis with the artist’s production manager and the venue to get more attendees and to promote the concert. The production manager is in charge of the artist’s itinerary and provides transportation for the concert and related trips. They also handle in-store appearances and press interviews. 

We also offer staff members to supervise all parts of the event. For example, you’ll get a stage manager, sound engineer, lighting director, stage techs, a hospitality coordinator, events manager, security director, and assistant manager. All of these individuals are there to help the event go smoothly and to prevent or solve any issues that may arise. All you have to do is attend the concert and enjoy yourself. 

We will help you convey the message you want to share with attendees about the event. We can help you identify the theme, come up with decorations, provide catering, supervise logistics, and be your hosts. You can depend on us to give you the best corporate event planning services San Francisco California can provide.