Everyone knows it’s important to get your music noticed online, but the amount of promotion options available can make it overwhelming. Making an effective promotion strategy that works for your music is a vital component of your success as a musician. There is no one-size-fits-all policy that will work for every artist, but there are five steps you can take to move yourself, and your vocal samples up the popularity ladder. 

  1. Make Promotions a Priority

The build it and they will come attitude is not suitable for your promotions. Musicians should be aware simply throwing up a bunch of social media profiles and sitting back while fans to flock to you will not make you successful. Artists must accept they will need to put sufficient time and effort into developing a strategy, and not rely purely on profiles alone. It will also help if you develop a routine for your promotions, with time designated for them.

  1. Target your Fans

No matter who you are or what tools you use, you still need to consider the placement of your promotions. If you are not selective about where you advertise, the workload will quickly expand and become unmanageable. Make finding your fans a priority, look for places your listeners usually congregate. Heavy metal artist shouldn’t waste their time posting videos on WorldStarHipHop and Country artists don’t need to concern themselves with promoting on Pitchfork. 

If you can not sure where your fans will be hiding, your own internet habits are a good starting point.

Giving goods in exchange for information is a clever way to engage your fans and get more information about them at the same time. This information will help you successfully target your market with promotions. As an example, you could give away a free download for anyone who signs up to your newsletter. Depending on the information you ask for to complete the newsletter sign up form, you could gain knowledge of geographic locations, favourite websites and email addresses. These details are marketing gold, and in the meantime, the newsletter will keep your fans up to date with all your activities. 

  1. Cultivate Strategies

Internet music promotions are normally only one of two things. It could be receiving reviews or exposure in blogs and internet magazines. It might also be promotional work you have done yourself, through social media, with fans. Musicians should have a different strategy for each type of promotion.

Despite common beliefs, getting publications in magazine and newspaper is actually harder than having coverage in interview and reviews. The things you need are music, a media release, and a catalogue of contacts.

Getting good contacts is perhaps the hardest bit, especially if you are new to promotions. However, there is no secret trick, and it’s quite simple to work on. Simply make a file of blogs and sites you enjoy, then make a spreadsheet containing the contact information for each of them. Once it is complete, you can start a dialogue with them and make your pitch for coverage.

Social media remains the best way for you to interact with fans. Try to give your fans added value from your social media. Such as, behind the scenes access, let them be the first to know about your recording process and anything new that you are working on. Fans will enjoy hearing about your daily activities but remember the reason they connected with you is for your music.

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Getting your music notice online is vital for your music to gain popularity. In the past, viral videos or songs have made overnight stars of artists. So, who knows, if you follow these steps and get noticed you could be the next big thing.