When it comes to building up the employees of a company, there are several places in and around Dallas that will not only provide the right setting; they will leave the employees wanting more. Teamwork is critical to the success of companies and the projects they are producing. To build a team outside of work, the right venue is needed.

  1. Group Dynamix

Group Dynamix is host to a number of different venues that can work with any type of company and companies of all sizes. They provide special training facilities where they or company management can lead seminars, meetings, workshops, or company parties. This is the most unique and best team building place in Dallas and surrounding areas.

They even have one facility that is 37,752 sq. ft and can accommodate up to 600 people in the space. This state-of-the-art facility is perfect for team building activities in Dallas that are large in nature though they do have smaller space available.

  1. Plano Centre

The Plano Centre is perfect for large scale team building activities. Their main exhibition hall is 21,600 sq ft wide, has carpet, and several adjoining rooms of varying sizes that can host small meetings or different group activities. The rooms are small enough to feel private yet some of them are large enough to keep bigger groups from feeling cramped.

The Centre also comes with a state of the art sound system that allows for employees to listen intently to every word delivered or engage in musical team-building exercises and dramas. The system is easy to move around into whichever rooms need it. The facility also has catering services available if lunch is to be served as part of your event.

  1. Frontiers of Flight Museum

While it may seem strange to host a company event at a museum, the Frontiers of Flight Museum has many spaces available to rent where almost any event can be held. Their main exhibition hall is 12,000 sq. ft and can accommodate up to 1,000 people. There is also an auditorium and several conference rooms that can be booked for team building events and presentations. The museum has rental options available for tables and chairs as well as catering facilities available if they are needed.

  1. AT&T Stadium

The home of the Dallas Cowboys is one of the best team building places in Dallas. It is the perfect place for an office of Dallas Cowboy fans to attend a team-building exercise. Events can be hosted under their dome on the field where games of flag football can be held and innovative speeches can be made.

Having a team building event at a stadium can bring out the natural competition between colleagues and help build friendships along with strong connections.

  1. Nuvo Room

This is a more elegant modern venue that offers, 5,000 sq. ft of space for chairs, tables, and a sound system. These items are available to rent and the main draw of the space is the fact that it is completely white. Their electronics system is capable of producing different colors which can be set to adjust to different types of moods and presentations that company coordinators are having.

  1. Addison Conference and Theatre Center

The Addison Conference and Theatre Center is one of the best team building places in Dallas. It can be set up for up to 600 people or 6. Their conference spaces are state-of-the-art so you can have audio-visual equipment ready for any presentation required. They also have extensive outdoor areas to allow for indoor and outdoor team building events.

Wherever in Dallas, an event is held, there are top-rated centers available for any need that a company might need to be filled.